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"Funerary art in the Eastern Mediterranean" is directed

by Dimitris Plantzos and Mona Haggag.

Nikolas Dimakis is the Project Coordinator.


Mona Haggag

Mona Haggag, Professor Emerita (University of Alexandria) and President of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria; co-director. Hagag is an expert in Hellenistic Alexandria, and a seasoned excavator of Hellenistic sites in and around Alexandria, including the recent excavation of the site of Shatby. A professor emerita of classical archaeology at the University of Alexandria, she has taught several generations of Egyptian archaeologists specializing in Greek art and archaeology and is currently the Director of the Archaeological Society of Alexandria, where she has initiated a vibrant academic and cultural program with considerable community outreach potential.

Dimitris Plantzos

Dimitris Plantzos, Professor (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens); co-director. Plantzos is an expert in Hellenistic art and archaeology, having worked on Hellenistic gems and seal-impressions as well as Greek painting for decades. His textbooks on Greek Art and Archaeology and The Art of Painting in Ancient Greece are read and taught on both sides of the Atlantic. He has taught Greek art and classical reception in Greek universities for more than two decades, and was part of the research team that carried out the Shatby excavation. He was also one of the two directors of the now completed Connecting Art Histories initiative program, “The Construction of Knowledge in Archaeology and Art History in Southeastern Europe” (2019-2023), hosted by the Centre for Advanced Study Sofia, Bulgaria.

Nikolas Dimakis

Nikolas Dimakis, Assistant Professor (National & Kapodistrian University of Athens); program coordinator. Dimakis is an expert in funerary art and archaeology, and a specialist in Hellenistic art, and pottery in particular. Although relatively new to academia (he was elected assistant professor at the University of Athens in 2020) he is a seasoned project coordinator and an excavator with many years of experience. Also a research associate with the Shatby excavation team, he was in charge of the study and publication of pottery finds, and is currently supervising a Master Thesis on the topic at Athens.

Support for this Program is provided by the Getty Foundation as part of its Connecting Art Histories initiative.